So excited to introduce our new Low Kick sneaker. So you might be thinking just another white sneaker right ? Wrong! Each pair are hand made to order, we use the finest calf leather and one of the most experienced factories in Spain to hand craft the sneaker and this whole process takes just 7 days.

I wanted to add a little bit of colour to these so I chose the back tab as the perfect location, currently 4 colours to choose from and I plan to increase this to 6. I also wanted to include an extra pair of laces that match the back tab colour you have chosen.

I visioned the campaign to be in a tennis court so that's exactly what we did, something about a crisp plain white low sneaker that just fits in perfectly with tennis.

I never look to create new crazy designs, I like essential and classic designs but made with high quality materials and that's exactly what keeps our customers coming back to shop with us again and again. 

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