So we sell our classic Lord London Driving Loafers all year, yes even in the winter months! So can you wear drivers in the winter and style them ? The answer is absolutely yes. Obviously if you live in a warmer climate then these are great with shorts, a nice light chino etc. But like us if you are based in the UK then you may think what can I wear these with. 

So here's our advice, suede drivers are a no no especially in the rain however they can be great around the house or if you're popping out to the shops on a dry day. Leather drivers however are fine even in the rain, but the real questions Is socks or no socks? Well for the winter months it is wise to pair your drivers with a sock, a nice dress sock will do the job and these look great with chinos, you can go warmer up top with a sweatshirt or quarter zip. 

Remember Drivers are and always will be a timeless classic and a must have shoe that can be worn all year round!

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